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Biography of the commercial photographer Garry EdwardsPhotolearn is part of Commercial Photography.

The Commercial Photography studio covers a wide range of photography, mainly for media advertising, brochure, and website use. The businesses are run by Garry Edwards.

Photolearn trains photographers with DVD videos and written tutorials, all of which have been produced by Garry Edwards. Photolearn also provides individual, hands-on training courses at the Commercial Photography studio in Bradford.

Garry is a successful pro photographer with a lifetime of experience. He's well known for his communication skills as well as for his photography - these skills put his videos and tutorials way ahead of anything else that you'll find.

Although Garry now uses digital for most of his professional photography, he firmly believes that good photos are produced in the camera and that the main role of computers should be fine-tuning of good photos, not the rescue of bad ones - so all of the Photolearn teaching materials show you how to create pro quality shots straight from the camera.

These training courses are a labour of love. They have developed almost by accident - Garry ran one-2-one courses on studio photography in the Commercial Photography studios, providing students with course notes for their further support. These notes became the basis for the very comprehensive training courses listed here. These course notes have been completely re-written and expanded to cover the subjects fully, and to completely overcome the difficulty of learning anything worthwhile - without going through the learning process that Garry had to follow himself.

The latest improvement to the Photolearn service is a set of videos based on some of the tutorial subjects - videos are the ideal way to learn, because you just can't beat actually seeing how it's done!

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