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Biography of the commercial photographer Garry EdwardsA burning desire to become a professional photographer, back in the days when higher education was difficult for working class lads like me... ‘O'levels, ‘A'levels and then a degree course. Then a 'job' as a trainee, then as 2nd assistant, then 1st assistant - all necessary back then before I could call myself a professional photographer. Then loads of different jobs in various types of photography, working with and for some of the top London photographers.

Then self-employment, and an even wider range of photography. In fact I've done just about every kind of photography except photojournalism, and it's taken me to loads of places I can't even pronounce - and I'm not talking about Wales! Now, not too far off retirement, I have a bit of time to pass my knowledge and experience on to you.

In addition to the paid work, I also contribute occasional articles to and I also run the forum. I also set aside a little time to local college photography courses - I feel that it's good to share specialised knowledge with other people.

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