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When you buy using PayPal or Nochex, the system works like this:
We get an e-mail from PayPal or Nochex telling us about your purchase. If you paid with PayPal then the download will have downloaded on to your computer automatically. If you paid using Nochex then we'll send you an e-mail with a link to the download page. Depending on your internet connection speed, the screen may be blank for some time before the tutorial appears. Once it has appeared on your screen, the download is complete. Save it to your hard drive.

You didn't receive an e-mail from us.
We didn't get an e-mail from PayPal or Nochex, so we don't know you've paid. Please send us ane-mail.

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Your e-mail address isn't working properly, or your mailbox is full and You've checked your spam folder, it's not there.
Please send us ane-mail, if possible from another e-mail address.

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They have regular, scheduled maintainance between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.GMT each Friday. Please try later. If the problem continues, Please send us an e-mail. Do not pay again!

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We use a security system to prevent people from stealing our downloads. This sometimes works too well and problems can arise if you have an old version of Javascript on your own computer. Please try again. If the problem continues, Please send us ane-mail.

You would like technical support or have a query not covered by your tutorial or video
We give full, unlimited support to all our customers, and there are no time or other limits. Please send us ane-mail and include the name of your tutorial or video.

You saved your tutorials on your hard disk but because of a computer problem you've lost them.
We'll replace them, free. Just send us ane-mail using the e-mail address you used to buy them. If you don't have that e-mail address any more you must tell us the e-mail you used when you bought them.

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Please uninstall the old version.

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Please try later. If the problem continues, Please send us ane-mail.

You've downloaded your tutorial(s) but part of the file is corrupted or incomplete.
Please send us ane-mail.

Your video doesn't work.
We test all videos before despatch. We recommend that you copy your video on to your computer hard drive (if you have enough spare space) but if your video stops working at some point we'll happily replace it, free of charge. Just return the faulty disk to us with your address and tell us the e-mail address you used when you bought it. There are no time limits.

You have another problem, or we are not responding to your e-mails.
We never ignore e-mails, and we normaly reply very quickly. Either your e-mails are not reaching us or our replies are not reaching you. Please ring us on +44(0)1274 60 88 22 between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., and if you are ringing from abroad please remember the difference in time zones.

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